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  • "And a little more cider won't do us no harm"

    Wassail Song
    The Orchards

    Although a wonderful place to relax and a family home, Pennard House is still a working farm. The farm is principally split in two ways:

    We have over 80-acres of cider apple orchards, producing almost 1,000 tonnes of Dabinet, Michelin and Harry Master apples. Some of these go straight in to the local mill to produce the popular local cider varieties, but we also keep some back to make our own bespoke ‘Pennard Weasel’ cider. A medium, easily drinkable cider, this is a popular choice for weddings and events at Pennard House.

    On the remaining 80 acres of the farm we are focussing on rewilding and tree planting. Plans are in place to plant approximately 10-acres of woodland to link up the existing ancient woodlands, while the remaining meadows and grassland will be grazed minimally to provide a better habitat for wildlife.

    Feel free to have a stroll among the orchards and see the farm at work.

    "And a little more cider won't do us no harm"

    Wassail Song
    Pennard House is one of Somerset's hidden treasures. A Grade II listed family home surrounded by breathtaking Somerset countryside, this is one of those places that makes you feel at home the moment you arrive. behind the scenes to save you any stress or strain.
    The location of choice for Vogue, Marie Claire and The English Home magazine, Pennard House is a beautiful, family-owned country estate, just waiting to host your perfect event. But don't just take our word for it, see what others have said about our exclusive venue.