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Cooking Wild: An Easy Pesto Recipe

6th April 2017

Love the idea of foraging for food but when you put it into practice, knowing what to pick and in what month is another matter entirely.

One of our regular Pennard caterers, Caroline Gent, shares her advice on picking wild in all seasons. She hopes to encourage anyone who’s interested in foraging to get out there and make use of what nature has provided. Here we share her own recipe for wild garlic pesto. A great recipe to remember once you’ve found the wild garlic (often with your nose first), as this normally grows in abundance. Pesto presents for everyone!

Wild Garlic Pesto:

Wild garlic is best picked before it comes into flower (July time) although the flowers themselves are excellent as garnish. It’s great for using in risottos and soups.  It’s also excellent as a pesto. Plus it’s so easy to make:

  • Put a large handful  in a magimix with a handful of parsley (you can also use the parsley stalks) and mint, and whizz it up.
  • Add about a quarter of a jar of gherkins (with the juice).
  • Add a really decent glug of good quality olive oil.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.

And there you have it – a lovely vegan nut-free pesto!

If you are interested in hearing more about ways to use foraged food in your cooking, visit Caroline’s Wild Food blog.

For more information on wild garlic in particular and how to recognise it, click on this useful beginner’s guide.

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